The Cesspool of Fake Virtue

The Cesspool of Fake Virtue
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Because the priority of the vast majority should always be,

The feelings of safety and moral pretence,

Of those degenerate souls,

Doing nothing to enrich any other.

For what other terrible acts could there be,

Other than against their ethical superiority,

That no other may claim otherwise.

Expecting respect for nothing they never stop,

But regurgitate failed ideas not even of their own thought,

Filtered down to the safest of concepts,

Harmless to all bar those who disagree.

That gaggle of narcissists and parasites in guises of righteousness.

Perverting any establishments they join with their self-serving virtues.

What have they done to earn any respect?

Considering words a worse crime than any of physical sort,

Loud in encouragement of hate they brand it their own justice,

Against victims only whose face they felt wronged by.

Out on their Jihads and their wars to end all wars,

But only tear down their neighbour,

Burn and loot the riches of others,

What reason have any to respect their pompous ponce?

When their only respectable virtue is,

That they respect others under the one condition,

that they themselves receive respect first.

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