Fantasy cartography is a bit of a hobby for me, creating a map of the country, region, or even a world helps me develop narratives set in those worlds I create. I find inspiration in other fantasy maps as well as the real world. While most of my work will focus on creating "realistic" depictions of what an alternative world might look like, I don't want to stray from letting my imagination run wild. Sometimes I just feel like creating boundless biomes and geography that might not make sense if put to scrutiny against the physics and logic of the real world.

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... Though Jon was satisfied with his reward, he sought answers for his miraculous survival and recovery. Decades passed as he researched science and the black arts, only to realise he had not aged a day since. Rumours spread throughout the country about Jon’s obsession, thus his parents showed up and told him the truth: he was not of their blood! ...

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The Monster of Dover
Oct 17, 2020


Sep 5, 2020

Late Night Treats 
Apr 4

What Doth the Sun Say? 
Feb 21

Dec 12, 2020