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Drifting Clouds

You can find a downloadable version of this poem here: (.PDF)

Doubt blankets grey these skies,

Love devours the sun, once so blinding bright,

Hoping with every tender breath,

Inspiration strikes as the murky river flows,

Musing with the passage of time.

Yet when I set my sights upon, by heart perceived beauty,

To keep these memories, whilst yearning that embrace,

Wanting and warm, piercing smile of dawn,

Torture though oft times it may be.

Nothing but wretched agony stretched thin,

Years of lies spoken in indomitable glee,

Still addicted to this conditional plea,

To suffer mere moment more.

Choosing a dream,

Moving on from hypocrisy,

Unable to conceive of loving another,

Old infatuation, nothing more than obsession.

Yet the clouds never ceased to drift,

Across the blue pale skies,

In all this time,

Solitude or no.

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