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As I have mentioned somewhere on this site before, my aim for this is to help me become a better writer--however there is also a more selfish reason why I write. First and foremost I write what I want to write for myself, that is writing what I'd like to read. Stating such may seem staggeringly silly or stupid, but while a lot of effort is placed in branching out from fantasy-themed stories, it is a genre I find most enjoyable to read and so find myself most comfortable writing in. 


This is a continuous project and as long as I've got funds to support the upkeep of this website, I'll keep adding to it, creating a portfolio of fiction. If I don't have funds to keep this site up, I'll figure out a way to still maintain it. I do not intend to ever place ads on this website. The minimalist style of the site is a conscious decision, though it may look a bit lazy--the lack of colour (aside from the "writer" image on the About page) is intended to make it easier to focus on the stories. The lack of animations or transitions from page to page is just my own personal preference, as I find that they lag more often than not.

I appreciate feedback of any kind, so if you'd rather get in contact with me via email then that's possible too.


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