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Click Here to Hear from Your Guardian Angel

You can find a downloadable version of this poem here: (.PDF)

You got a Message from Your Guardian Angel,

Your Guardian Angel is calling you,

All the time,

You probably never heard its message.

You got a Message from Your Guardian Angel,

We all have a Guardian Angel,

Not all of us hear our Guardian Angel,

Or trust what we hear.

You are not alone,

Messages from your Guardian Angel,

Are directed only to you,

They guide you and give you encouragement,

You are not alone,

Many people wonder:

How can I read the message?

What is my Guardian Angel trying to tell me?

The world is cruel,

This life is awful,

You can be in a room full of people,

And still feel like you are alone.

There is no connection.

You got a Message from Your Guardian Angel,

There is no notification,

No links or quick self-help vids,

These words are hollow husks.

Because when life doesn’t matter,

You can choose what matters,

And every single day and every single struggle,

It will either get easier,

Or something inside you will die.

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