The purpose of this website is to entertain you, the reader, with fictitious tales of strange happenings following characters from varied walks of life. While I will focus on writing Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror stories, I'd also like to explore narratives fitting other genres—from Westerns with gunslinging cowboys to Comedies following the lives of simple people tragically ruined by unforeseen circumstances…



I'm an aspiring author, currently working on a fantasy novel, The Golden Knight. I also write short stories, flashfiction and a little bit of poetry. When I'm not writing or working at my day job, I drink Earl Grey tea.


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*Some Unnecessary Lore*

My background is mostly in Film Production—I have studied the medium since secondary school. In college I produced several “artsy” short films both for class and as a brief dip into the world of freelance filmmaking. Then, at university, I studied the industry and worked in teams producing low budget student films.


The scope for those films was always limited by the budget, and I never felt like I could tell the story I wanted because of this.


In the first year of university, there was a screen writing class which I thoroughly enjoyed—and even excelled at, compared to my other classes. It wasn't until the third year (the last one) during modules like “Final Major Project” and “Film Production Project Part 2” that we were given freedoms to either create a short film for each of these, or write screenplays. I chose to write screenplays for both—one 90 minute (90 pages) feature and a 60 minute (60 pages) short—back to back.


It was during writing these that I realised my passion lied in storytelling—visual or literary, the medium was mostly irrelevant. If the story is good it can flourish anywhere.

To Be Continued... ?

*Wait, what's this?*


When the Princess snuck herself onto the battlefield, draped in chainmail and sword in hand, it was Jon Achard Songmyth who saved her from an onslaught of arrows with his grand tower shield. Both of them managed to survive the ordeal, even though many arrows had pierced him deeply. Jon was knighted by the King and offered an estate to live in. Since the enemy general had been slain by the Princess, and since she led her men to victory in that battle, the country cheered. At last, there was peace. ...

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The Monster of Dover
October 17, 2020


September 5, 2020

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April 24

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February 21

December 12, 2020